How do the sizes come about?

Most of our items have a tag with a size on it. You can see the size under "Tag Size" in the description of every item. However some items don't have a size tag on them or the size tag doesn't match with the actual size. This can happen because all our items are vintage and sizes changed over the years. If that's the case you can check the "Recommended Size". The recommended size is determind by measuring the item.




How can I know if something fits me?

You can simply look at the measurements in the description of an item and compare them to a similar piece of clothing that you already own. You just need to measure from the top seam to the waistband and from pit to pit just like on the pictures down below.



How can I know if the clothes are for my gender?

All of our clothes are unisex, that means they can be worn by all genders. 


 Do you have more questions?

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