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Saving Resources

Buying secondhand clothes is the best way of shopping, because no resources are consumed and in addition unused clothes find a new use.

Extending a clothing's life

Duo to fast fashion there are plenty of clothes being trown away in great condition, which can still be worn and loved. Vintage Sweaters gives these pieces a secong chance for a longer life.


Vintage Sweaters sells clothes which were created before fast fashion. Since they are pre-fast fashion, they are better made and meant to stand the test of time.

Customer reviews
Thank you so much, quickly replies and my item is exactly as described, I love it! Fairly priced and it arrived sooo quickly. Highly recommended!
— Hannah
Pulli echt top! Entspricht komplett mine Erwartige und au dem wo ahbote wird, gueti siite, extrem schnells shipping & ja, sicher uf es wiiters mal :)
— Yannik